Slimfast VoxBox #ItsYourThing

Oh, how I love #Influenster ! Influenster is an AMAZING company that I have been apart of since October 2012! This company sends out FREE products to people in return for their HONEST reviews. You take surveys on their website to see what campaigns you’d qualify for, and you’re emailed if something comes up that you’d be a good candidate for!

This campaign is from #SlimFast ! #ItsYourThing I was certainly interested in new diets and weight loss programs, so they thought I was a good match for this campaign!

With this program, you’re replacing 2 meals a day with either a shake, which was included, a smoothie or a nutritious bar!!! In addition to that, you’ll still have 1 healthy meal of your choice- keeping it in the 5oo calorie range. Then, you can have THREE 100-calorie snacks- which were also included in this #VoxBox – We’ve got a bag of bag of chips, dessert crisps, a granola bar AND a shake– all for FREE.

With these products, you really feel like you’re indulging. This is what makes these so successful, because you don’t feel deprived! That’s my biggest problem with diets- I never feel like I am having anything I enjoy. With SlimFast, you’ll never feel like that again!

My favorite item from my Influenster VoxBox this campaign was definitely the Vanilla shake! It is high in protein and it only had 1G of sugar- yet it still felt like a TREAT. I actually felt FULL after having this, too, which is rare for me and it kept me full a lot longer than other shakes I have tried in the past, as well. The flavor was wonderful. I can definitely see myself reaching for that over something else less healthy.

The sour cream and onion chips were fresh and full of flavor! I was expecting them to be stale, or lacking in flavor, but they were wonderful. Yes, I am used to larger portions of things like this, but that’s what’s great about them- it helps you see the portions you SHOULD be having. It’s a good tool to train your mind to see a correct portion of a snack.

The meal replacement granola bar was delectable. It has 5MG of Fiber, which helps aid in digestion and keeps things “moving”… which we can all benefit from. It’s gluten free, which was an added bonus, and the dark chocolate gave me the feeling like I’ve had a dessert that day.

The cinnamon drizzle crisps weren’t my favorite… I am not sure if I got a bad batch or something, but these were a tad bit stale tasting. The flavor was really nice, although it didn’t taste as fresh as I would have liked.

All in all, I loved his VoxBox from SlimFast! It really gave me an idea of how truly amazing their products are, and made me want to go right over to and place an order! I am most excited to try their smoothies, and other flavors of chips & dessert snacks!

As someone who has struggled with her weight for her entire life, I can honestly say that this is a program I could see myself using on a daily basis- and one that I’d be able to see results from using! So head on over to their website and see for yourself what kinds of products they have, and maybe order a couple things to try out! You won’t be disappointed.

I rate this 4 out of 5 stars. If the cinnamon crips were a little fresher- I’d easily have given this review a 5!