Home Decor For the Horror G̶i̶r̶l̶ Ghoul


One of my favorite online shops for Halloween/Horror type items is horrordecor.net


This website has everything from candles, (as shown above) pillows, pot holders, magnets and much more! Keep an eye out around holidays, especially Halloween, for they frequently have limited edition items! All these things are handmade, so it can take a bit for your items to get to you, but they’re worth the wait!


Want an inexpensive way to add a creepy touch to your kitchen? Try placing your salt & pepper shakers into a plastic skull! You can find plastic skulls like the one pictured at thrift stores & dollar stores for really cheap!

Another favorite store of mine is http://www.sourpussclothing.com/

Here are a few items from their online store that I’d love to decorate my apartment with! (Some of the items I do in fact own!)

You could always spiff up your counter top with these killer (pun intended) knives as well, found on Amazon.com!


Another cheap & easy way to make a DIY wreath- buy one from a thrift store, like Savers, and spray paint it black! Add plastic spiders, snakes… whatever else you find creepy- or just leave it plain. My wreath cost $2.99 and the spray paint I had on hand. A very affordable DIY project that makes a wonderful addition to any creepy home!


*A little added suggestion*

If you see anything with skulls on it, or a skull itself, BUY IT! My apartment is littered with skulls everywhere! It’s become a bit of an obsessive collectors habit of mine!

Also, I raid the Halloween clearance sales at the end of the holiday at all stores that carry any kind of decor! You can get things for 90% off if you know where & when to look! Make friends with the people working at your local shops, and they’ll be sure to tell you the moment the sale will hit their store!

As you can probably guess, I LOVE my DIY projects, most of which can be found on my Pinterest page- pinterest.com/wrtluvonherarms

One of the coolest, and simplest, DIY Halloween type project I’ve found was taking apothecary style jars and adding some creepy decals, stickers, or signage to them to make them spooky! You can find the jars at my favorite places, thrift stores, or your local craft store. As for the labels, I am a huge Etsy fan, and sellers usually have a great variety of labels you can use. If you still want an affordable option, though, raid those clearance sales, see what your friends have laying around from the past holiday… or even check what you already have at home. You may be surprised of the things you have that could work for a Halloween-type project!


I mentioned Etsy above. Here are some of the amazing things I’ve found simply by searching the words Halloween & Horror Decor!


It’s so easy to find amazing Halloween/horror decor year round now, and searching for it is half the fun! As much as the “next great buy” gives me a rush, I also love my DIY projects, and am constantly updating my Pinterest page, so be sure to check out my Halloween Decor board/My Haunted Mansion board for new DIY projects!

Until next time, stay creepy.


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