EEK! 16 Sweeter Sides of Horror Villains!

Pinhead– Concerned that his friends aren’t living life to the fullest, and that they aren’t experiencing all the wonderful things life has to offer, Pinhead starts a club for individuals open to trying new things & adventures.

Freddy Krueger– Wants to make sure everyone gets a full 8 hours of rest. Works at the sleep clinic, and stays by the bedsides of patients to hum lullabies.

Michael Myers– Started the local Neighborhood Watch program to keep his townsfolk safe, especially on creepy holidays like Halloween.

Annabelle– Collects and donates toys to the children’s hospital.

Norman Bates– Volunteers at the senior center, and enjoys helping out with their theater group. He mostly aids in costume design…

Buffalo Bill– Has a fondness for skincare and wicker work . Owns a spa that focuses on skin hydration, where he also sells wicker baskets made by local artisans. Precious, Bill’s poodle & companion, is seen frequently lounging by the lotion rack in the lobby.

Hannibal Lecter– Runs the soup kitchen. He will give you a second helping if you can name what’s in the “Mystery Meat” soup dish.

Leprechaun– Soles for Souls founder, Leprechaun, makes fashionable footware for the homeless. You’ll never see a more shiny pair of loafers.

Regan MacNeil– Psychiatrist for children who suffer from unexplained traumas. Especially great with the young teens, who can sometimes make your head spin.

Pennywise– Organizer of the town’s summer carnival. He loves the kids!! You can find him handing out balloons by the lake &  overseeing the handmade water boat races. He claims, regardless of the material they’re made from, that they all float.

Sam– Owner of Incognito, the party supply store. Favors Halloween, and makes many of the costumes that adorn the front window display, including the eco-friendly burlap ones. Come on in, grab a lollipop, and find your next disguise.

Chucky– A real good guy, Chucky makes his living working with criminals recently released from police custody, vowing to teach them how to live a crime-free life. Word on the street is he’s engaged to Tiff, who is a local hair & makeup artist.

The Creeper– A bit of a hermit, The Creeper is only seen every 23 years for 23 days.  During those 23 days, The Creeper will take anything off your hands that you may no longer need. He also sells homemade comforters & writes a DIY blog on decorating the interior of your home.

JigsawDo you want to play a game? Just say no. There is no game that our Jigsaw can’t win! He has an Etsy shop where he sells homemade games for couples and groups to play together… winner takes all.

Jason– As a camp counselor, Jason vows to keep all his campers safe. He is head of the Junior Safety League, that teaches kids how to survive in extreme situations. (Situations could include, but are not limited to, drowning, beheading, suffocation or simply getting cut by a sharp knife.)
Leatherface– Gardener. Will get your hedges trimmed super fast with his high powered chainsaw! He is currently following a strict facial skincare regime, suggested by Buffalo Bill, and plans to write a book about his experiences with facial deformities and feeling comfortable in his own skin.





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