The ONE movie I would NOT want to wake up in!

This movie is about a struggling family (Dad, Sister & brother, as well as their nanny) dealing with the aftermath of losing everything, including their mother, in a house fire. They get a mysterious visit from a lawyer, claiming that the father’s uncle, who he had absolutely no relationship with, left him a house in his will, upon his death. Having only a tiny apartment now, and not much money, this seems like it could be just what the family needs to get back on their feet… So, they go on a trip to see the home. Of course, it’s gorgeous! Like nothing they’ve ever seen before, a home completely made from glass, filled with collectibles and artifacts that could probably pay off any old debt they had while keeping the family thriving for a very long time… Here’s about the time when I’d like to add- WHEN THINGS SEEM TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, THEY USUALLY ARE! It’s no surprise that this family gets the shock of their lives when come to find out, their crazy uncle had been capturing ghosts and keeping them locked in the basement, all to complete a design that was “created by the devil and powered by the dead” to open the “EYE” of Hell. Creepy! Things go from bad to worse when they discover who the 13th ghost needs to be!


[I felt it would be helpful to get a background of EACH ghost- so here is some information straight from helpful Wiki]*-


1. The First Born Son – The First Born Son is the ghost of Billy Michaels, a boy who loved cowboy films. A neighbor challenged him to a duel, using a bow and a real steel-tipped arrow against Billy’s toy gun. Billy died when the neighbor shot the arrow through the back of his head. Billy’s ghost is dressed in his cowboy suit and holding a tomahawk, with the arrow still protruding from his head. His ghost whispers “I want to play” or “play with me”.

I would NOT share my Legos with that kid!

13 GHOSTS, 2001

2. The Torso – The Torso is the ghost of a bookie named Jimmy “The Gambler” Gambino. When Jimmy found himself unable to pay off a Mafia-connected client’s large winning bet on a boxing match, the client cut him into pieces, wrapping them in cellophane and dumping them into the ocean. His ghost appears as his decapitated, legless torso, trying to walk around on its hands as the head lies screaming on the floor.

Can I take one of him, to go, please? LOL.


3. The Bound Woman – The Bound Woman is the ghost of Susan LeGrow, a girl with a wealthy background and a penchant for playing with boys’ affections. On the night of her high school prom, a football player she was dating caught her with another boy; the next morning, the boy was found dead and Susan went missing. She was later found buried at the 50-yard line of the school’s football field, strangled to death; the player was convicted of her murder and executed. Her ghost is wearing her prom dress and is hanging from the ceiling with her arms tied.



4. The Withered Lover – The Withered Lover is Jean Kriticos, Arthur’s wife. She was burned severely while saving her family from a devastating house fire, and died of her injuries in the hospital. Her ghost initially appears in a hospital gown, hooked up to an IV pole and showing severe burns on her face. However, after the destruction of the machine, her ghost is wearing her normal clothes and her burns have vanished. Unlike the other ghosts, she is not a vengeful spirit and tries to help her family.

Burnt toast, anybody?


5.The Torn Prince – The Torn Prince is the ghost of Royce Clayton, a 1950s high school baseball star with a bad attitude and a superiority complex. During a drag race, he died when his car spun out of control. His ghost carries a baseball bat, and parts of his face and body are torn to shreds from being dragged underneath his car. He uses the bat as a melee weapon, and while inside his containment cube, he sits atop the wreckage of the car.

Spoiled rich boys, always thinkin’ they’re better than everyone else!


6 The Angry Princess – The Angry Princess is the ghost of Dana Newman, a young woman with striking physical beauty but the inability to recognize it. Driven to depression by a string of abusive boyfriends, she began to work for a plastic surgeon who paid her in cosmetic procedures. One night, she tried to perform surgery on herself, but the attempt left her blind in one eye. She committed suicide in the bathtub by cutting herself with a butcher knife until she bled to death. Her ghost is naked, still holding the knife and showing all the self-inflicted wounds, and her cube is drenched in blood.

I would totally be this chick in real life, lol. She’s fierce, and not going to lie, her boobs are way better than mine!


7 The Pilgrimess – The Pilgrimess is the ghost of Isabella Smith, a 17th-century New England colonist who was shunned by other settlers. Accused of witchcraft by the town preacher after livestock began to die from an unknown ailment, she fell under further suspicion when the preacher himself succumbed. The townspeople trapped Isabella in a barn and set it on fire, but she emerged without any injuries; they then locked her in the pillory and left her to starve to death. Her ghost still has the pillory’s yoke locked around its hands and neck.

Ohhh, whooo, witchy woman!

download (1)

8 and 9. The Great Child and The Dire Mother – The Dire Mother is the ghost of Margaret Shelburn, a woman whose diminutive height constantly attracted stares from others. She joined a carnival freak show, but was raped by one of the other members and gave birth to a son, Harold (The Great Child). Margaret spoiled Harold throughout his life, so that he always wore diapers and had to be spoon-fed even as he grew to a vast size and weight. Carnival workers kidnapped Margaret as a prank, but she suffocated to death by the time Harold found her. He flew into a rage and killed the culprits with an axe, putting their remains on public display, and was in turn killed by an angry mob. Their ghosts are always together, with Harold wearing a food/vomit-splattered bib and carrying the axe, while Margaret sometimes feeds him.

This family has some serious issues.


10. The Hammer – The Hammer is the ghost of George Markley, a blacksmith who lived in a small town in the 1890s. He was wrongfully accused of stealing, and refused to leave town when threatened with exile. A gang led by his accuser hanged his wife and children; in revenge, George used his blacksmith’s hammer to beat his accuser and the other culprits to death. The townsfolk executed George by chaining him to a tree, driving railroad spikes into his body, severing one hand, and attaching the hammer to it. His ghost is still pierced with the spikes and wrapped in the chains, and he wears the hammer in place of his missing left hand.

What a creepy mother fucker!


11. The Jackal – The Jackal is the ghost of a 19th-century man named Ryan Kuhn, who began attacking prostitutes as an adult. He committed himself to an asylum in search of help but eventually went insane. The doctors kept him permanently bound in a straitjacket, causing his limbs to contort horribly until he gnawed through it. Ryan was then confined to a basement cell, with a metal cage locked around his head, and grew to hate all human contact. When a fire broke out, everyone but Ryan escaped; he chose to remain behind and let himself be burned to death. His ghost wears the loosened straitjacket and head cage, whose front bars have been snapped apart.

I would try to choke & suffocate myself with my own tongue before ever having to be in the presence of this fucked up psycho!


12. The Juggernaut – The Juggernaut is the ghost of Horace “Breaker” Mahoney, a serial killer of enormous height and grotesque appearance. Abandoned as a child by his mother and ostracized by everyone, he eventually got a job crushing cars in his father’s junkyard. After his father died, Horace went insane and began bringing hitchhikers and stranded drivers to the junkyard, breaking all their bones and tearing them apart with his bare hands. One of his potential victims was an undercover police officer, who called for backup and brought a SWAT team to surround the junkyard. Horace killed three officers before being shot to death by the team. His ghost still wears the bullet-riddled clothing from the night he was killed. Dennis Rafkin and Cyrus Kriticos note that Horace killed nine people while he was alive, then 31 more as a ghost; Horace kills several of Cyrus’ assistants in the attempt to capture him, then later kills Dennis as well.

Do you smell blood & gasoline? Perhaps kisses & kerosene?


13 The Broken Heart – The thirteenth ghost would have been Arthur Kriticos himself. Cyrus planned for him to sacrifice himself out of love for his family, the final step needed to activate the house’s machine.

Papa’ don’t freak, YOU’RE in trouble deep!


So, which ghost scares me the most? It would definitely have to go to this badass… Ghost #11- The Jackal! Is it the makeup, that haunting stare, that friggen CAGED HEAD?! It’s probably a mix of all three… and I can’t forget to mention that the actor completely portrayed this character as one fucked up dude! His movements, the violence in just his body language alone, sends chills down my spine- and not the good kind!

If I had to imagine waking up in Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street… or even Evil Dead, I feel like I could handle that better than waking up in this hellhole. It’s one thing to have to fight off one villain, but to have to defeat a gang of pissed off imprisoned ghosts?? HARD PASS. Not to mention that you can only SEE them while wearing your safety glasses, which considering my luck, would probably fall off and break within the first 5 minutes.

Overall, this movie is GREAT. I feel like it’s completely underrated & even overlooked. It has all the great things I love about horror movies- the mystery, the plot you can’t quite figure out, the jump scares and even the gore! There’s a little something for everyone. My only issue with this is that I, under no circumstances, can watch this movie alone, and I most definitely can’t sleep a solid 8 hours after viewing, either.

So what are you waiting for? Go buy this, grab a friend, and scare the shit out of yourselves…

Major life lesson to keep in mind, though? Don’t accept gifts from people you don’t truly know- especially houses.

*WIKI page credit for the description of all the ghosts.


Very Interesting*[REPOST]- 5 Inexplicable Events from New York City’s Eerie Past — BEATNIKHIWAY

5 Inexplicable Events from New York City’s Eerie Past By Abby Carney February 22, 2016 | 9:00am Content sponsored by Watch the series premiere of Damien, Monday, March 7 at 10/9c on A&E. With its dark alleys, underground tunnels, and shadowy figures, New York City is no stranger to strangeness. Here are five mysterious events that […]

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Your Blood Is Liquid Fire…


Your blood is liquid fire…

Oh, how I desire to burn in that fire.

Searing flames, red-hot… rush my skin.

Haunting inferno, never saying no… please, let me in.

Your blaze is scorching, all-consuming, I’m drowning in my fears.

Time has gone, now I’m all alone… the hurt evaporating in the steam from my tears.

Lights are blinding, I’m an empty shell, my eyes opening on the edge of dreams.

The silence is deafening, my blood runs cold… I’m choking on the sounds of my screams.

On cemetery walks, the spirits will talk.


I feel like when you ask for a sign, internally or outwardly, someone is listening… and someone will answer.

Flashback to one of the creepiest moments I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing in my life… This was the moment, for me, when I finally believed that ghosts exist.

When I lived in Maine, I frequented this beautiful cemetery to satisfy my photography cravings, and for its silence that I feasted on like a junkie. There’s something so euphoric about being in a cemetery… It’s like being in a library- people just know that when you’re there, the atmosphere requires “peace and quiet”.

On this day, camera in hand, I walked the miles of paths I’d come to memorize, and was thankful that I still found so many things to take pictures of… Like I was seeing this place for the first time all over again.


When I was nearing the end of my trip on this day, I started thinking about some of the people who’s graves I was photographing… What they & their families were like, what their hobbies were… and even how they died, seeing as how many of the deaths occurred in the early 1800s. Times were so different back then… you just never know.

I came across an area of land and stones I must have overlooked the many times I’d come to the cemetery, and again, my thoughts were on the people who rested beneath the soil. One grave, in particular, stood out to me. I felt drawn to it. It was nothing special or out of the ordinary, but it was clearly newer than all the surrounding stones. There was a name, DOB-DOD and nothing else, which I found odd. Most of the newer stones, even some really old ones, at least had a quote that related to the deceased, but there was nothing. This is, perhaps, why I felt the need to stand there for awhile longer, thinking about that person and their life. I also felt that I shouldn’t take a photo of this particular grave… I’m not sure why, I just got the feeling that I shouldn’t.

This teen was 16 when they died.

Given the date of death, having been in the 2000s, I really started to borderline obsess about how this person died. Were they sick? Did someone hurt them? I felt terrible for this life, taken far too soon. At which point I had the urge to look down… Something in my head just said look…

There on the ground, right in front of my feet, lay this little tag. When I read it, I was covered head-to-toe in goosebumps.

I truly feel like I was being spoken to by this teenager who died too young. In an age when there are cures for many sicknesses, medicines and procedures to fix the ailing, it is such a waste of life to be killed in a completely preventable way. I felt like it was a sign, saying to me, “Stay safe, don’t do anything stupid that can ruin your life, look at what happened to me. I’m just looking out for you.”

I am not 100% sure that this tag had anything to do with this particular grave, but I will say that I have never again texted while driving. I also have never again experienced the same kind of presence that I felt on that day, or any other presence for that matter. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen again, though. I will forever wonder if perhaps this teenager prevented something awful from happening to me. If I hadn’t seen this sign that day, would I would have gotten into my vehicle to head home, texted someone, and been killed in a crash? Even though nothing happened to me, I feel grateful to this person, whoever it was, for putting that thought into my head and keeping me safe from myself.

I hope to one day feel the presence of another spirit, and pray that they’ll have something equally as important and life changing to teach me.

[Mezco Toyz] Tiffany 15-Inch Talking Doll — Statue & Anime Figure News


I really, REALLY need these figurines in my life. The Chucky one is just as amazing. Sucks they aren’t going to be ready until Sept/Oct. but I am guessing they’ll be worth the wait. Look how cool she is!!!

Mezco Toyz is releasing the Tiffany 15-inch talking Doll from the movie Bride of Chucky.

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This is a monthly subscription service that includes food, beauty & fashion items that are all VEGAN! Vegan Cuts takes the guess work out of finding items that you can use in your everyday life- which is one of my biggest annoyances. I hate spending hours in grocery stores/beauty departments reading labels and trying to decipher what every ingredient means/if it’s allowed in a vegan lifestyle! If you’re 100% vegan, or just wanting to live a more natural, cruelty-free life- these boxes are for you!!

Vegan Cuts has two different options, a snack box and their beauty box. I subscribe to both. (I highly recommend both!) They are each $22.95.

The snack box includes 7-10 items (of which many are FULL SIZE). They can be anything from chips to cans of soda… even meal starters like pasta & meat substitutes! They state on their site that MOST of the snack items are even gluten free!!!

The beauty box has 4-7 cosmetics & skincare items. Again, full sizes can be included as well! Perfumes, eye cream, face masks… I even got a small soy CANDLE this month! What a pleasant surprise!

It’s hard to choose a favorite between the snack & beauty boxes, because both are equally wonderful…

Let’s just talk about the snack box more in depth, first!

Can you say SNACKS? This March box was huge. HUGE!

Now- first of, I’d like to point out that the Vegan Cuts Customer Service department is AMAZING! The snack box & beauty box are shipped together in one box when you subscribe to both, and this month I had a little mishap with a body wash… needless to say- it EXPLODED in my box and got all over everything. I wrote to the customer service department, figuring they’d at least send me a new body wash… but they went above and beyond and sent me an entire replacement box! I am very appreciative, because now I can actually enjoy all my items without fear of contamination & can give an honest review of EVERYTHING without having to miss out on some items. The new box was shipped to me super fast, and it was a very simple, painless process overall. I wasn’t even upset anymore about my ruined items because they handled it with kindness and understanding- just fantastic! Anyway…

There is no set theme with these boxes- so the variety is very refreshing. I had 11 items in my snack box! (Yes, that’s even MORE than the maximum item estimation!) What’s great about the item selection is that almost all the brands in the boxes have Instagram/Facebook pages, so you can look them up, see their other products, find out where to purchase, and much more! All their customer service staff is very informative & helpful if you have further questions, too. They’ve been very vocal via Instagram as far as where to find their items in store & online. I find this very helpful, especially when trying to price things out!


My snack box included:

  1. Sweet Maui Onion chips from Deep River Snacks. (Simple ingredients, they support great causes! Perfect for adding to your lunchbox. I love the oniony flavor. I am glad this bag wasn’t larger, because I definitely could have kept eating them.
  2.  Veggie chips from Real Deal. (A serving and a half of veggies in every ounce!) Again, these were a winner as far as chips go. Great for throwing in your lunch bag. What I love about these is I didn’t feel guilty eating them! They have wonderful ingredients, but didn’t taste like “cardboard”.
  3.  A puree pouch of Banana, Carrot, Mango, Orange, Wheatgrass, Tumeric & Chia by Shine Organics. (Gives you a pick-me-up– lots of Vitamins A & C!) I am going to say that THIS was my FAVORITE ITEM in the snack box! I had this for a mid-morning snack, and I really feel like it helped make me feel rejuvenated and satisfied until lunch. It was also significantly more delicious than it sounds. WHEATGRASS? I admit, I was worried when I saw that… but trust me, you won’t even taste it.
  4. A chocolate daily shake by CLEAN (A program that restores your body’s natural ability to heal itself!) I mixed this with 8oz of almond milk and added a dash of cinnamon. It was so yummy! It “encourages clean eating habits, is great as an after-workout shake or as a snack, provides easily digestible nutrients & helps plug nutritional gaps in our regular diet.”
  5. A box of Banza Chickpea Pasta. (High protein!) I made a wonderful avocado pasta with this. Just blended some avocado halves, garlic, lemon zest, oil, basil together and used that as the sauce. Topped with halved cherry tomatoes & some corn! GREAT SPRING/SUMMER DINNER!
  6. Double chocolate mint brownies from Nature’s Bakery. Can you say “Indulgent”? I felt like I was eating chocolate brownies straight from my mom’s baking dish. These are definitely a treat.
  7. A caffeine boost 70% dark chocolate & coconut bar from Briskbars. This bar really gave me a boost of energy! The coconut adds a great flavor to this. My only problem with this is that I feel like it’d have tasted better in a vanilla flavor. You can buy these on Amazon for a great price!
  8. Breakfast bar from MiMi’s Natural (Minimal ingredients & maximum healing properties!) This item was the only item in the box that I wasn’t crazy about. I ate a few bites and gave the rest away. It’s not that it’s BAD… I just couldn’t stop picturing bird food when eating it. I think I’d just have to get used to it. There was a coupon attached to this bar for buy 3 get one free.
  9. A chocolate flaxbar by LiveSmart Bar. Another one of those items that makes it sound like it’s going to be gross, haha… but it was actually very yummy & satisfying. For someone like me who loves to snack between meals- this is a great choice because it makes you feel full for a very long time.
  10. A raspberry truffle protein bar from D’s Naturals. (Dairy, soy & gluten FREE. ALL NATURAL!) I chose the fruit pouch as my favorite snack box item, but this was a close second! This shouldn’t even be called a protein bar- it tasted like a straight up DESSERT! I love that it’s gluten-free, too. It’s hard to find something so tasty that’s also GF.
  11. Last, but not least, a box of Chili Lime Carnitas Jackfruit Shreds from Upton Naturals. You can use these in so many different ways- Tacos, scrambles, sandwiches, over rice… the possibilities are endless! I suggest making Pulled “Jackfruit” [pork] sandwiches with this. Add a little avocado, some dairy-free sour cream and you’ve got one heck of a dinner.

This snack box was a total WIN this month. You can make dinners, substitute meals with some of the protein bars, add most snacks to your daily lunches… you really get your money’s worth! I thought the protein shake packet by CLEAN was a great addition, as well as the pulled jackfruit by Upton Naturals. It’s so different from any box I’ve ever had- and it makes the monthly wait so worth it!


My Beauty Box included: [Information card included price values, which I love to see!]

  1. An all natural black mineral pencil by Earthlab Cosmetics. ($20 Value) This pencil is fantastic! A little goes a long way. It takes a few seconds for the pencil to warm up on your inner lid, but once it does it goes on super smooth. I had no issues with smudging or run off. A real winner.
  2. A bottle of black soap body wash by Shea Radiance. ($5 Value) This was the item that ruined my first box, as the cap was loose, haha! When I finally got the chance to use this, I was pleasantly surprised. The scent isn’t something I’d normally choose for myself, but it was calming and I found that it helped relax me before going to bed that night I used it. It has coconut oil in it, which made my skin really soft!
  3. Heat activated thermal spray by Dermorganic. ($10 Value) WOW. Let me say, this smells like a dream! I used after the shower on damp hair before blow drying, and then again right before heat styling with my Beach Waver. This made my hair really shiny and full of body! The scent that lingered was very pleasing, too.
  4. A roll-on Lime, Jasmine & Orange perfume by Pacifica (One of my FAVORITE brands!) ($12 Value) FAVORITE Beauty Box item! I can’t say enough good things about the Pacifica brand. I am so happy that my local Target has started carrying their items. This is a fantastic item to throw in your purse for on the go applications. The scent, again, wouldn’t have been my first choice- but I think that’s what I love so much about it… it’s SO DIFFERENT from anything I’ve ever worn. You can really smell the notes of lime, which instantly makes this my new go-to fragrance for this upcoming summer. It reminds me of “beach days in the sun”. It smells fun & young.
  5. A small Chamomile & Clover tea-lite soy candle by October Fields. ($1 Value) I was really surprised to see something like this. What’s cool about this item is that it’s made in my home state of Maine! This has a 1-2 hour burn time and is in a recycled/recyclable packaging. I took it out of the plastic bag and was blown away by the beautiful scent of this! I immediately went to their website and ordered an 8 pack of these babies! The scent lingers in whatever room you put it in for hours! I love it.
  6. Last, but not least, a DELUXE eye cream by Everclēn. ($20 Value) This moisturizes the skin underneath the eye and helps firm,tone & reduce the appearance of fine lines! What is great about this eye cream is that the scent isn’t overpowering and it feels very hydrating.

$68 total!

Now, I am waiting to hear back from Vegan Cuts as to the total value of the Snack Box*, for there wasn’t an information card regarding the value of those products- but I am already positive it was well worth the $22.95. As far as SNACK BOX VS. BEAUTY BOX, I’d say the ultimate winner for me this month was the SNACK BOX! As much as I love each and every product from my Beauty Box, especially my Pacifica roll-on perfume, there was just TOO much awesomeness in the Snack Box to not give it the credit it deserves. I am so thankful to Vegan Cuts for introducing me to so many new favorite brands. It’s a real eye opener to see just how many items are available for the vegan community, or for people simply trying to be more conscientious of their choices.

I highly recommend Vegan Cuts to anyone curious about trying new products that are vegan & AWESOME. In my opinion, there is no better subscription service right now as far as beauty and snack items are concerned. Head on over to to order your boxes today!

*Once Vegan Cuts responds to be about the value of their Snack Box, I will update my post to let everyone now how much it was worth!

Friday Night Horror Flicks


Is there anything better than a good horror movie to start the night off right? Especially on a Friday- your weekend is just beginning! The possibilities are endless. Here are FIVE of my GO-TO Friday Night Horror Flicks!



“No tears please, it’s a waste of good suffering.”

I can’t say ENOUGH good things about my main man, Doug Bradley, and his performance as Pinhead in Hellraiser. The man’s voice alone will give even the toughest guy goosebumps! This is one of those classic movies that is great no matter how many times you watch it. It’s definitely that movie I turn to if nothing else is on, because I know I can enjoy it as if I am seeing it for the first time. Inspired by the novella, Hellbound Heart, this film is about a woman named Julia who discovers the return of her husband’s brother and also her secret lover, Frank, in the family’s new home. By return of Frank, I mean to say his zombified corpse! He had been dragged to another dimension where his body was tortured and mutilated by cenobites! His return came about by an accident where blood was spilled on the floor- Frank somehow used this blood to start growing his human form back, and he persuaded Julia to keep getting blood for him so he could return completely! Julia’s step daughter, Kirsty, who also moved into the house, finds a mysterious box that belonged to Frank when he lived in the home years back… this box causes some crazy stuff to happen, which is how Kirsty herself was introduced to the cenobites! It’s a fantastic, gore filled, horrifying movie that will keep you on your toes. A must-see for anyone who loves the horror genre.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)-



“One, two, Freddy’s coming for you!”

Probably the creepiest line in a horror movie, ever. A Nightmare on Elm Street is one of those movies that sticks with you… right before you close your eyes at night and you wonder to yourself if you’ll be waking up in the morning. The adrenaline rush you get by trying to force your eyes to stay shut when you feel like he’s in your bedroom with you is something no other movie can truly conjure. I CRAVE that feeling. This movie is about a child molester named Freddy Krueger who was killed by a group of parents. Years later he comes back in the nightmares of all the children/teens on Elm Street to get his revenge. Their fear makes him strong, and fear him they do! If you don’t ever want to sleep again- I definitely recommend this. In addition to an amazing cast and great storyline, the soundtrack to this film is terrifying, and will stay with you all through the long night. P.S. Robert is SUPER NICE!!

The Shining (1980)



“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

So, this movie would be at the top of my list, but it doesn’t follow the Stephen King novel nearly as much as I would have liked, so #3 it is! It’s still fantastic, though. The book kept me enraptured, and even though I read it long after I saw this movie version as a kid, it made me want to reread the novel the second I finished it. The cast didn’t change from book to screen, it was more little details here and there and things completely left out that bothers me… many years after the release of this movie, in 1997, a mini series was created that actually follows the book, so I suppose I am appeased.  ANYWAY- This movie holds a dear place in my heart as one of the first horror movies I remember seeing as a child and thinking to myself- “WTF, did this really happen?!” I was HORRIFIED… and I loved every second of it. This film follows the lives of Jack, Wendy and Danny Torrance, who are staying at The Overlook Hotel as the grounds keepers for the winter season. The hotel was the scene of a horrific murder of a family by one of the old grounds keepers… he used an axe and completely mutilated his daughter’s bodies, as well as his wife. The spirits of these people, and anyone else who died in the hotel, are still there. Young Danny has what is referred to as “the shining”, and he can see these spirits. Jack Torrance is basically possessed by the evilest of spirits there, and goes on the hunt to kill his family. With no way out, his wife and son have to try and survive Jack’s breakdown. It keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time through… it makes you thankful that you’re not alone with your family for months on end with no way out in sight… and it makes you wonder what kind of things would happen to YOU if you were that child, and your parents went crazy.

Silence of the Lambs (1991)-


I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti’

CREEPY! This is probably the grossest movie out of the bunch, if you think about what the character is actually doing. Dr. Lecter, a physiatrist & genius, is a serial killer who consumed his victims by way of mouth, haha. In short- he ate them as his main dish! Clarice Starling, an FBI trainee, needs to utilize his oddly impressive skills as he offers help in finding another “at large” serial killer, Buffalo Bill. I love that this movie reminds you that there are actually people out there who’ve done what this character does… ate their victims and actually enjoyed doing so! Cue the shivers, because damn! That is so nasty!

Halloween (1978)-


“I met this six-year-old child, with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and the blackest eyes… the devil’s eyes…”

Last, but certainly not least, is Halloween. About a 6 year old, obviously disturbed, boy named Michael Myers, who brutally murders his sister and is put into a mental hospital. After a 15 year stay, he escapes and returns to his hometown to kill! He wields a knife and has no remorse as he’ll end anyone in his path. This movie made my top 5 list because it’s actually terrifyingly realistic. With the most believable plot of all the above movies on my list, it’s easily one of the scariest, because this could easily have happened to me, or even you. It still can.

Depending on if you like blood & gore, the mystery, shock value or physiological movies that haunt you once their all over, there is something for everyone on this list. I feel like a movie marathon is in order now! Enjoy… oh, and stay safe 😉

Slimfast VoxBox #ItsYourThing

Oh, how I love #Influenster ! Influenster is an AMAZING company that I have been apart of since October 2012! This company sends out FREE products to people in return for their HONEST reviews. You take surveys on their website to see what campaigns you’d qualify for, and you’re emailed if something comes up that you’d be a good candidate for!

This campaign is from #SlimFast ! #ItsYourThing I was certainly interested in new diets and weight loss programs, so they thought I was a good match for this campaign!

With this program, you’re replacing 2 meals a day with either a shake, which was included, a smoothie or a nutritious bar!!! In addition to that, you’ll still have 1 healthy meal of your choice- keeping it in the 5oo calorie range. Then, you can have THREE 100-calorie snacks- which were also included in this #VoxBox – We’ve got a bag of bag of chips, dessert crisps, a granola bar AND a shake– all for FREE.

With these products, you really feel like you’re indulging. This is what makes these so successful, because you don’t feel deprived! That’s my biggest problem with diets- I never feel like I am having anything I enjoy. With SlimFast, you’ll never feel like that again!

My favorite item from my Influenster VoxBox this campaign was definitely the Vanilla shake! It is high in protein and it only had 1G of sugar- yet it still felt like a TREAT. I actually felt FULL after having this, too, which is rare for me and it kept me full a lot longer than other shakes I have tried in the past, as well. The flavor was wonderful. I can definitely see myself reaching for that over something else less healthy.

The sour cream and onion chips were fresh and full of flavor! I was expecting them to be stale, or lacking in flavor, but they were wonderful. Yes, I am used to larger portions of things like this, but that’s what’s great about them- it helps you see the portions you SHOULD be having. It’s a good tool to train your mind to see a correct portion of a snack.

The meal replacement granola bar was delectable. It has 5MG of Fiber, which helps aid in digestion and keeps things “moving”… which we can all benefit from. It’s gluten free, which was an added bonus, and the dark chocolate gave me the feeling like I’ve had a dessert that day.

The cinnamon drizzle crisps weren’t my favorite… I am not sure if I got a bad batch or something, but these were a tad bit stale tasting. The flavor was really nice, although it didn’t taste as fresh as I would have liked.

All in all, I loved his VoxBox from SlimFast! It really gave me an idea of how truly amazing their products are, and made me want to go right over to and place an order! I am most excited to try their smoothies, and other flavors of chips & dessert snacks!

As someone who has struggled with her weight for her entire life, I can honestly say that this is a program I could see myself using on a daily basis- and one that I’d be able to see results from using! So head on over to their website and see for yourself what kinds of products they have, and maybe order a couple things to try out! You won’t be disappointed.

I rate this 4 out of 5 stars. If the cinnamon crips were a little fresher- I’d easily have given this review a 5!